back  7th Aug 2015

Attractive women should not include photo on CV

Attractive women should refrain from including a photograph of themselves on their CV, a study has shown. The research, carried out by Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, submitted two identical CVs to over 2,500 advertised vacancies, keeping every qualification, exam result and personal biography the same. The only difference was that one CV contained a photo of a candidate judged to be “unmistakably better looking” whilst the other was seen as unattractive. The results proved that female candidates without a photo fared the best, with plain women coming in second whilst the beautiful applicants were very rarely invited to an interview. Dr Bradley Ruffle, Researcher at Wilfrid Laurier University, says that these results cannot be explained by the job specification or the amount of public facing interaction involved, but rather that beautiful women are now subject to discrimination in the workplace. And it’s not necessarily at the hands of male colleagues, but their envious female counterparts. Dr Ruffle explains: “Females in charge of hiring may well be jealous of prospective female employees who are attractive and compete with them for mates, or at least for the attention of male co-workers.” Dr Ruffle goes on to say that attractive women may be seen as a distraction within an office based work environment, or even that male employers would decide against hiring a beauty out of “fear of a backlash from their spouses.” The results mark a shift in recruitment trends away from hiring more physically attractive candidates. Previous studies have shown a "beauty premium", with employers equating good looks with intelligence, ambition and trustworthiness. With more and more companies requiring the inclusion of a photo with a CV, it seems that this beauty bias has begun affecting male applicants too, though not quite in the same way. Dr Ruffle discovered that a handsome man has “nearly double” the chances of being hired over his average looking counterparts, alleging that: “A plain male needs to send over twice as many CVs as an attractive male for an equal chance at a callback.”