It was an absolute pleasure dealing with PKRLondon, I found all their staff so warm, professional and caring beyond the call of duty.I was actually quite sad when I found a permanent job because I missed being in their offices, the friendly calls and chats. I would not hesitate in recommending PKRLondon to any individual seeking either temporary or permanent positions - you will be in the best hands!
19th Jan 2015   Temp Worker JD

In a busy office it is very reassuring to have, immediately available, HR professional delivering excellent results. We are very satisfied with PKRLondon’s service.”
19th Jan 2015   Client RW

Peter Knight Recruitment have been truly wonderful throughout my work search. They have invested great time and care ensuring a perfect match was found. On my 1st visit to Peter Knight Recruitment they were most welcoming, friendly and made me feel very comfortable and assured of getting a job. I am Thrilled to have stumbled across the agency and would recommend without hesitation.
14th Jan 2015   Candidate SH

Hi,Emily I am doing well and its going great at my new company. I would be happy to give feedback and fill in any questions.I enjoyed my time working with peter knight agency you treated me well and my pay was always correct and on time. I wish you well and will recommend your agency always.
14th Jan 2015   Temp to Perm AJ

I first found Peter Knight Recruitment through a search engine, and nervously called in. The prompt answer and warm reception I received on that first call were the benchmark that has never failed, and a sign of what I later found is an incredible company culture based on awareness of the needs and feelings of others. An appointment was made for me to visit the Canon Street office for a consultation with a recruitment professional. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by name, brought a drink and made welcome by staff who are obviously happy in their work. To be frank, I started to wonder if Mr Knight might consider hiring me. The consultant was precise, thorough and immediately showed an expert insight into a wider range of options for me to move forward in a career. What really made the difference was the acute attention to individual detail in my background and skills, and also how I feel about my current circumstances. In a very short interview, I learned several key pointers about the way I had been behaving in job interviews that could easily have reflected negatively, and was taught methods of how I might better present myself in person and on paper. It came as a shock, after over 5 years' experience as a full-time host and MC that PRK could so quickly gauge what I wanted and what I needed. For the first time in years I felt I could trust the smiling stranger in front of me, and I am sure that person truly cared how I felt. That is what made the world of difference. I left the consultation feeling motivated, positive and more confident about my next steps. As a result, it was only a few days until I had gained an ideal position. My work today is busy and fulfilling. It uses my strengths, challenges my weaknesses without making me feel awkward, and fills my time with tasks I care about. I have an excellent open relationship with my colleagues, superiors and my boss (oh yes!). I have a work-rest balance that is very acceptable. I feel I am in control of my career, because I understand what I have to offer, how to present myself, and how to value others. I owe what I have in my work to Peter Knight Recruitment, and I am very grateful.
6th Jan 2015   From Candidate RH

We are a small highly specialised retailer with a complicated product matrix requiring experienced staff. When we needed to recruit for a key position the potential problems kept me awake at night. Jaqui Hunt was incredibly understanding and quickly grasped our niche requirements. She continued to keep in touch over the search period which was briefer than I'd anticipated as she'd rapidly hit the nail on the head. The candidate was duly hired on the spot, temped to train up and has now been offered a contract. Throughout the process PKR were extremely helpful, hands-on and very aware of our needs. I can only thank PKR for having helped us so well over a potential hump. I have since rung Peter Knight for ad hoc advice and he continues to be incredibly helpful and light years away from some of the nasty 'body shop' experiences you sometimes hear about in the recruitment world. I will definitely go to them again as needs arise.
6th Jan 2015   Client R.S.

Hi Emily, In that case I'd like to say that I've found everyone I've dealt with in the company to be very efficient and thoughtful. All emails/queries are dealt with quickly and courteously. The recruitment process to begin work through the company was also dealt with efficiently. Having information such as holiday accrual printed on the payslip each week is very useful also. No complaints at all.You are welcome to use any of that if you wish.
6th Jan 2015   Temp Worker NH

Just to let you know that I enjoy very much working with your agency because you are very efficient in forwarding any information needed, this was also the case with the recruitment process and interview. The pay roll team are excellent and make sure that all pay arrangements are done so swiftly. Also the agency gives a good rate of pay and holiday arrangements for their employees, and that little Christmas gift for all the employees was a very much appreciated touch.
6th Jan 2015   Temp Worker NC

Nowadays it is so hard to find a job, I signed up to Peter Knight Recruitment London and to be honest it was the best thing i have done during my time job hunting. Suzie Hamilton has been so helpful and she is always willing to help me find a job placement every single week. I am now working full time at one of UK's top Building Contractors and i am very happy. Suzie's service has been amazing and i feel i've been looked after very well.
14th Jan 2015   Temp to Perm Worker JC

My experience of PKRLondon has been excellent. Right from the very start when Richard Hadden contacted me. He went thorough a very methodical process to make sure that I was right for the client and also to make sure that it was the right job opportunity for me. He provided a great service and helped me all the way from the beginning of the application through to the interview process. I was therefore successful in securing the job and couldn't thank PKRLondon enough for the great service they have provided.
14th Jan 2015   Candidate DW

Hello Emily. You are welcome to use the below. I have been very impressed with the service provided by the consultants at PKRLondon and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to other clients. The consultants took the time to listen and understand the brief and delivered a quality, tailored service. Hope this helps!
19th Jan 2015   Client KB

I am pleased to say that Peter Knight Recruitment Limited supplies a extremely professional service and while other agencies promise to keep in touch PKRLondon actually do what they say. Jacqui Hunt is one of the most friendly and honest consultants I encountered during my search for employment and gave me so much confidence for my interview it must have worked as I was offered the job and I have now been offered the position permanently.
26th Jan 2015   Candidate BG

I would like to extend my thanks to Peter Knight Recruitment, and especially Suzie Hamilton, for their help in sourcing a new role.Having worked in recruitment for a number of years myself I am aware of the hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes and know how tempting it can seem to cut corners to save time. In spite of this I found Suzie to be warm and approachable, and most importantly willing to engage with me and treat me as a person, not just a product.We all know the reputation recruitment has, so to meet someone who made the process as easy and painless as possible was really appreciated and for that I really am grateful.
26th Jan 2015   Candidate DC

I just wanted to thank you for helping me secure such a good position in such a well respected company. I know that they were originally looking for a temp candidate, so thank you for passing along my CV in the way that you did to open the role up to a permanent position. The final interview preparation really helped too; thanks for taking the time out. I couldn't be happier to be starting with one of the countries oldest and most respected construction firms. Thanks to you and the whole PKR team!
26th Jan 2015   Candidate HM

I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank PKRLondon for employing and supporting me for the last 6 months, and thank you, in particular, Emily, as I wouldn't be in this new position if you hadn't called me and offered me work. PKRLondon have been kinder and more supportive than any agency I've ever heard of. Thanks again, and all the best in the future. -Kindest regards, George Phillips
8th Apr 2015   Temp Worker GP

Hi Suzie, I just wanted to send you an email saying a big THANK YOU! I am so happy to be starting full time at my new job and its all thanks to you. You have been amazingly supportive, encouraging and always and at the end of the phone if ever I needed help or if I simply had a question about something. I cannot thank you enough for taking me on the agency! I thank you and PKRLondon from the bottom of my heart for everything!!! Kind regards Chantel Alleyne
13th Apr 2015   Temp Worker CA

Jacqui, Just wanted to send you an email saying a big THANK YOU! for all your help in finding me a full time job which i am currently enjoying . You have been amazingly supportive, encouraging, and always available at the end of the phone. I cannot thank you enough for all your help Many thanks.
8th Jun 2015   Successful candidate LM